With the rapid growth and advanced technologies, we want to be the trend setter for high quality broadband services with high speed and affordable pricing. Summernet Sdn Bhd will be the game changer in Telecommunication and Networking Infrastructures enhancing connectivity in every nooks and corners meeting the increasing demand for quality broadband services.

Summernet Sdn Bhd  is a licensed Network Facilities & Services Provider in Malaysia and we are collaborating with International Carriers’ Carrier on the establishment of local POP in Malaysia & provisioning of IP Transit & VPLS services to local ISP & Corporate Market.

Our company was set up on 22nd of September 2015 by two (2) young Bumiputera technopreneurs as Board Members/shareholders.

We are focusing on provisioning of wireless broadband internet access, value added service & digital applications to the individual, residential, corporate, government & institutions (vertical market segments – Oil & Gas, Plantations, Processing & Manufacturing, Transport & Logistic, Tourism & Hospitality, Education, Banking & Finance and related sectors) within its service coverage areas